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Recently celebrating our 75th Anniversary, FT Farfan have expanded our extensive heavy equipment portfolio already consisting of world class brands like JCB, Cummins, Atlas Copco, JLG to name a few with Shacman trucks. FT Farfan signed to be the exclusive distributor in Trinidad and Tobago offering our valued customers an affordable range of NEW heavy-duty Dump, tractor, cement, flatbed, water, garbage and other specialty trucks. 

Shacman, employs some 32,000 people, and stands by its philosophy of “Service and Quality”, and derived its name from using German technology and US engineering as follows: 

SHA– is the first three letters in the Shaanxi Automobile group, and also the city where the factory is located 

C– is the first letter in the name of the American engine builder Cummins Inc., a Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtrations, and power generation units 

MAN – Stands for the advanced complete vehicle heavy-duty truck technology introduced by the MAN Truck and Bus Ag group in Germany 

In addition to the Cummins and MAN technology, Shacman uses many components that have come to be known and well respected in the heavy-duty truck world. Names such as Fast Gear, Eaton, ZF, Williams, and HYVA among many others.  

Sold in 9 countries in the region, there are over 1,200 Shacman trucks on the roads and FT Farfan has been noticed the performance and reliability under many rugged and demanding conditions. This led us to pursue and obtain the exclusive dealership for Shacman trucks in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Shacman trucks are backed by a 1-year, unlimited miles, and full bumper to bumper warranty. We also have Shacman trained technicians on hand and in the event of an accident, carry parts in stock or can source within a couple days due to the extensive regional network and partnership, in the shortest time possible.   

FT Farfan sees the combination of the high quality of the Shacman trucks, the reputation of FT Farfan to provide strong support for parts and service, the attractive financing options thought all major financial institutions, and the solid commitment of the Shacman Company, to be revolutionary for the trucking industry in Trinidad and Tobago. This will certainly open up opportunities for small, medium, and large transportation contractors and companies that never before existed. 

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