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ENLASA is a Guatemalan company founded by José Antonio Pacheco Tzul in January 2000. The company’s founder is a native of the rural area of Totonicapán in the Guatemalan highlands. He completed his primary education at a rural school in that department. He attended secondary school at the Adolfo V. Hall del Sur Institute in Retalhuleu, where he received training in agriculture and which allowed him to obtain a scholarship to study at EARTH University in Costa Rica. This experience broadened his personal and professional horizons.

The operation began as a micro-enterprise in a neighborhood of Guatemala City. Thanks to the passion to deliver solutions focused on increased agricultural productivity, the company and products have been greatly accepted since its inception, this has allowed it to achieve solid and sustained annual growth.

ENLASA has a portfolio of diverse products that allow it to cover different crops in its different phases. Formulas are developed in house and have intellectual property protection. A characteristic of the manufactured products is that the vast majority are 100% organic in nature, allowing them to meet the current requirements for more environmentally friendly agriculture, occupational and consumer health.

Today ENLASA is a company with a commercial presence in 15 countries on three continents, with plans to have a greater international market penetration. The company’s founder is an Agricultural Engineer with a Masters’ degrees in Agribusiness and Electronic Marketing and, together with his life story, rural origin and vocation for customer service, has been able to consolidate the foundations of a company with solid strengths in Marketing.

ENLASA currently has a top level management team and it is constantly strengthening in order to guide the business with solid principles that the founder intends to keep in the DNA of the company forever. There are several certifications that affirm the work philosophies. Example: ISO-9001-2015 Certification, Rain Forest Alliance Certification, Neutral Carbon Certification (in final process).

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