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Why Renting from FTF Rentals is the best decision? Our partners Red-D-Arc is a represented in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago by the FTF Rentals Industrial Division of FT Farfan Limited.

We rent quality maintained equipment support by trained technicians. This minimizes breakdowns and costly downtime so the job gets done efficiently. Our dedicated troubleshooters are on call 24/7 to handle any problems. Call anytime and we'll deal with any difficulties that arise through our hotline-1- 868-784-4351. We offer training for operators or provide certified operators on request. For rental enquires contact Kevin O'connor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1- 868-684-8027 or 868-674-RENT.


 Lifting Systems 2,000lb Rack & Pinion Material Hoist1,000lb / 2,000lb Portable HoistConstruction EquipmentAir Compressors185 cfm@ 120 psi375 cfm@ 120 psi900 cfm@175 psiBreakers75-90 lb c/w lubricator and hose Hydraulic Power Pack complete with Breaker 20L Hydraulic Power Pack12/25 kg Hydraulic Breaker12" Hydraulic Saw Electric Drills/Breakers Rotary HammerDemolition BreakersFrom 5lb - 44lb Breakers Dewatering and Compressor Assisted Pumps Vacuum Pumps | Wellpoint PumpsJet PumpsTrash Pumps Modular Light Towers4x1,000 watts Metal HalideMast Height 30' Compaction equipmentBelle Walk behind rollerPlate compactorRammerMisc Equipment  Stihl - TS400 Cut-off saw c/w cart Diamond ProductsCore rig c/w Drillvacuum pump 6" max Hilman Rollers30 to 60 ton rollers10 ton toe jack  Red - D - Arc Welding Equipment ROA Generator - 30 kva-300 kva

1.  Access Equipment

JLG Articulating-Telescopic Boom Lifts01

JLG Articulating - Telescopic Boom Lifts02

JLG Articulating-Telescopic Boom Lifts03


JLG Articulating & Telescopic Boom Lifts
  • 45ft
  • 60ft
  • 80ft
  • 125ft

JLG Electric Scissors Lifts JLG Electric Scissors Lifts
  • 19ft
  • 26ft
  • 32ft

Tractel Modular Aluminum Suspended Platforms01Tractel Modular Aluminum Suspended Platforms02

Tractel Modular Aluminum Suspended Platforms

  • Capacity 1,000kg
  • Custom Platform Lengths

2.  Earth Moving Equipment


jcb Excavatorsjcb Backhoe Loaders

jcb Skid-Steer Loaders

jcb Mini Skid-Steer Loader

  • Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Skid-Steer Loaders
  • Mini Skid-Steer Loader

  3.  Generators

Red-D-Arc Generators 65-300KVA

Generac Generators 3250-7500W

  • Red-D-Arc Generators 65-300KVA
  • Generac Generators 3250-7500W

  4.  Portable Compressors

Portable Compressors01

Portable Compressors02

  • 185-900CFM Compressors @ 100-175PSI
  • 100% Oil-Free Compressor
  • Options After Cooler/Water Separator & PD/DD Filters for Instrument Quality Air

 5.  Light Towers
 light towers
  •  Wanco Light Towers

  6.  Dewatering Pumps
 Trash Pumptrash pump
Hydraulic Submersible Trash Pumps

Hydraulic Submersible Trash Pumps

Trash Pump

trash pump02

  • Trash Pumps
  • Compressor Assisted Trash Pumps
  • Hydraulic Submersible Trash Pumps

7.  Welding Equipment

Lincoln Vantage  DX450 Amp Diesel Welders

Lincoln Vantage DX450 Amp Diesel Welders
  • 450 Amps
  • Portable DC CC CV Welding
  • Optional Sidewinder Package to Function as a Dual-Operator Welder
  • Kubota Diesel Engine
  • 19 kW 3-Phase 240 VAC Auxiliary Power
  • Processes: Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), Air Carbon Arc Cutting

Lincoln Vantage  500 Amp Diesel Welders

Lincoln Vantage 500 Amp Diesel Welders

  • 500 Amps
  • Portable DC CC CV Welding
  • Optional Sidewinder Package to Function as a Dual-Operator Welder
  • Deutz Diesel Engine
  • 22 kW 3-Phase 240 VAC Auxiliary Power
  • Processes: Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), Air Carbon Arc Cutting

Mariner Offshore Diesel Welder

Mariner 5+3 Offshore Diesel Welder

Offshore Environmental Protection Package DC CC Fuel Efficient F-2803 Kubota Diesel Engine 
3,000 Watts AC Auxiliary Power 
The ultimate offshore-environmental welding package.The protective enclosure minimizes salt water intrusion and, with a built-in drip reservoir, all engine fluids are contained in the event of an oil or coolant leak. A lifetime pre-fuel separator protects the engine from fuel-borne contaminants, and the engine is protected from hydrocarbon over-running or explosion with an automatic over-run shut-down device.

E500 4Pak Multioperator Welding System

E500 4Pak Multioperator Welding System

Modular Pak Design 
DC CC DP120 Power Distribution Panel Included 
For High Amperage Stick Welding and Air Carbon Arc Gouging 
All the benefits of the E300 Multioperator Pak System but with up to 625 amps DC from each module. 
Each module has its own arc force control, potentiometer-type continuous output control and remote control receptacle. Built to Red-D-Arc Extreme-Duty specifications for dependable operation in even the 
most severe conditions. Operates with either 460 VAC or 575 VAC three-phase electrical input.

EX350i Inverter Multioperator Welding System

EX350i Inverter Multioperator Welding System

Compact, Highly Portable Inverter Design DC CC CV 
Variable Hot Start, Arc Force and Inductance (Pinch) Control 
CC Soft, CC Crisp, CV Wire, CV Flux-Cored, TIG Welding Modes 
Outstanding arc characteristics with both constant current and constant voltage welding processes in a 
rugged, compact design. Advanced Plug-and-Play control recognition with Amphenol connections for 
24C, 42V and 115V wirefeeders and connections for 3-pin Stick remote controls.

Powermax 1000 Plasma Cutter

Powermax 1000 Plasma Cutter

3/4" Recommended Capacity, 1" Maximum Capacity, 1 1/4" Severance Capacity
Powermax 1650 Plasma Cutter
1 1/4" Recommended Capacity, 1 1/2" Maximum Capacity, 1 3/4" Severance Capacity
These air/plasma cutters provide best-in-class cutting power and feature state-of-the-art, multi-voltage inverter
power supplies. Cut through mild steel, aluminum and most other metals with new power and productivity.

LN25 Voltage-Sensing Wirefeeder

LN25 Voltage-Sensing Wirefeeder

For MIG and Flux-Cored Welding with 10-44 lb Wire Spools
Designed for .023-1/16" Solid, .035-5/64" Cored and .035-1/16" Aluminum Wire Sizes
Operates from all Welders with CV Capability for Maximum Versatility and Portability
Powered across-the-arc, so no control cables are required! Simply connect the welding cable to a power source, attach a work clip and you're ready to weld. Includes a voltmeter, gas solenoid, and an internal contactor. Can be operated with all electric and engine-driven welders with CV capability but can also be used with CC welders for
non-critical welds. Includes welding gun and cable assembly, as well as a properly sized drive-roll kit.

8.  Compaction Equipment

Plate CompactorTrench Rammer

Walk-Behind Double Drum Vibratory RollerDouble Drum Vibratory Roller

  • Plate Compactor
  • Trench Rammer
  • Walk-Behind & Ride-on Vibratory Rollers

9.  Construction Equipment

Cut-Off SawsRoad Saws

Core RigsHilman RollersHIlman Toe Jacks

Arrow BoardMessage board

Concrete Vibrators

  • Cut-Off Saws
  • Road Saws
  • Core Rigs
  • Toe Jack & Rollers
  • Message/Arrow Boards
  • Concrete Vibrators

10.  Demolition Breakers
 Demolition Breakers01Demolition Breakers02
  • Pavement Breakers
  • River Busters
  • Chipping Hammers
  • DKR Drill/Chipper
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