Shell Fleet & Transport Lubricants

Rimula Truck Heavy Duty Engine Oil

The right oil for the right component

Shell’s world-class technology across the driveline provides protection wherever your vehicle needs it – from the pistons through to the wheel bearings. To keep your fleet running smoothly and drive progress in your industry, it pays to have an expert by your side. With equipment becoming increasingly more complex, we can work together to keep your maintenance costs low and productivity high. Our specialists can supply smarter lubrication solutions to help keep your business moving forward.

Shell Rimula diesel engine oils

Shell Rimula diesel engine oils designed with ‘Dynamic Protection PLUS’ & ‘Dynamic Protection’ to protect the engine by reacting under heat and pressure to form a protective film that helps to reduce wear.

In the engine, combustion acids can escape into the crankcase. Low quality oils may fail to protect vital components from these acids, leading to corrosion that may cause catastrophic engine failure

Shell Rimula oils contain powerful antioxidant agents that adapt chemically to neutralise acids before they can damage your oil and your engine.

Whether it’s piston deposits or crankcase sludge, dirt in your engine can reduce its efficiency and increase your fuel costs. Shell Rimula diesel engine oils contain molecules that adapt to remove and then block deposit-forming particles to help keep engines clean and protected.

Wear protection is particularly critical at high-pressure contact points, such as in the engine valve train and gearbox. Shell Rimula diesel engine oils have adaptive molecules that are designed to protect the engine by reacting under heat and pressure to form a protective film that helps to reduce wear.

Shell Spirax transmission, axle and gear oils

Many gearboxes and axles are made from different materials and operate under diverse conditions. Shell Spirax oils have been specifically designed to protect and meet the challenges of each set of components for efficient performance. To help extend oil drain intervals, Shell Spirax oils are designed to have outstanding oxidation and shear stabilities. And they meet the requirements of many industry-leading equipment manufacturers.

Shell GADUS Greases

The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your equipment. With a full product range of Shell Gadus greases, you can select the grease to best meet your needs.