PPE & Safety Containment Products

  • Rolling utility scaffolding for indoor or outdoor use. Capable of travelling through doors with adjustable height & optional guard railing.
  • Full size rolling towers capable of reaching a platform height of 17
  • Anti-fall safety equipment, such as Harness, Fall Arrestors, Lifelines, etc.
  • Safety Products:
  • Glasses
  • Safety Caps
  • Earmuffs
  • Full range of Aluminium, Fiberglass, Step & Extension Ladders
  • Moldex® hearing protection is designed for comfort with features like the air bubble in the tip of our Rockets® reusable plugs and the soft, smooth foam of our foam ear plugs. Our earmuffs have multiple adjustments for a custom fit that delivers all-day comfort, day after day.
  • Moldex® respiratory protection products don’t just look different, they are different. They’re user friendly. They’re easy to put on and fit. The contoured shape of our respirators doesn’t require constant adjustment and they resist collapsing in heat and humidity. Avoid premature disposal and save money with Moldex® respirators. Moldex® also has the only complete line of PVCFree® respiratory products.
  • Storage, handling & Security products including fire prevention equipment for hazardous materials, spill containment, etc
RockyGeorgia Boot
  • Full range of steel toe safety boots, shoes and sneakers.
  • Full line of mechanics /speciality gloves. Back supports, rain gear, etc